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Australian Startup Success - Baby Bum Shower

Jess and Sam's product is sold in both Australia and the USA, and has received multiple awards.

About the 'Baby Bum Shower' product

Founded by twin sisters, Jess & Samantha, Baby Bum Shower is an easy to use and environmentally friendly solution to single-use wipes.
The Australian designed small hand-held device delivers pH neutral soap and water or just water!
Selling in Australia and the USA for $39.99 The Baby Bum Shower can clean up to 10 wet nappy changes or dirty hands while taking up minimal space.

Our Work

Strategic Procurement

Product Sourcing China

Global Manufacturer Vetting

Honors & Awards

2021 Good Design awards Australia - Gold Medal Winner

National Parenting product awards – Winner


Baby Bum Shower

About The Project

SupplyWise supports Australian business growth.

We’ve helped numerous businesses expand into new areas, including the team behind the multi award-winning Baby Bum Shower (BBS).

This innovative children’s product is perfect for nappy changes on the go and significantly reduces waste by virtually eliminating the need for disposable wipes.

Designed by our Product Design partner hone.pd, SupplyWise vetted manufactures in Australia, Malaysia and Vietnam before engaging a trusted manufacturer in China. SupplyWise then worked closely with the manufacturer to support the setup of the manufacturing process and quality assurance.

Now, BBS is sold in both Australia and the USA, and has received multiple awards including, Good Design award Gold, National Parenting products winner, Mumpreneur awards Bronze.

Business is booming for entrepreneurial twin mums who invented a baby bum shower for parents on the go.

For Darwin-based entrepreneurs Jessica Whalley and Samantha Hair necessity was really the mother of invention for an innovative device specifically designed for parents on the go. Faced with changing her niece’s dirty nappy in the back of a car, Jessica realised there had to be a better way to make nappy changing cleaner and easier and significantly reduce the need for disposable wet wipes.

“It was such a mess and I thought there’s got to be a solution that improves hygiene standards while not harming the environment,” she said.

A seed of an idea was planted, and Jessica and her twin sister, both registered, practising nurses and mothers, approached a designer.

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Long lasting design

The BBS has been designed to be extremely robust and durable. The food-grade silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 235°C (445°F) and can take whatever life can throw at it.

Sustainable Materials

All components of the BBS are recyclable and to go one step further we have initiated our 'Take back program', so that you can send us your unused device and we will send it to recycling for you. See our 'Take back program' to lodge your device. Our aim is that the BBS is a gift that keeps on giving, and lasts long into toilet training. Chosen for its inert characteristics, the silicone in the BBS, reduces the impact of waste on the environment.

Environmentally friendly factories

The factories that are involved in the production of the BBS have been chosen for their commitment to following stringent environmental protocols.

Reduced environmental impact

Save a minimum of 6 wipes per day per child. That's 2,190 a year! This SAVES you money but also the Environment. No wipes required for a WET nappy change and reduce the amount of wipes used cleaning a DIRTY nappy.

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