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As more and more companies struggle to compete using product Manufacturing in Australia they move production offshore
During the pandemic product manufacturing in Australia pushed back against decade long trends.
During this period, SupplyWise set up a supply chain for over 1M PPE units to one of Australia's largest supermarkets.

Companies struggle to compete using local manufacturing moving production offshore.

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The local manufacturing industry has been declining for years, as more and more companies struggle to compete using local manufacturing they move production offshore.

At the beginning of covid global supply chains for essential PPE items were put under immense stress caused by soaring demand and limiting production due to lockdowns.

In the face of looming health protective equipment shortage, Australian businesses large and small pushed back against decade long trends.

Production went into overdrive, Med-con, the only medical mask manufacturer in Australia tripled their workforce and increased to 24/7 production.

Whilst Detmold group rapidly transitioned from disposable takeaway packaging to mask manufacturing producing 145 million masks for the national stockpile.

Later in the year when masks were made mandatory in Victoria during the second wave manufacturers from large multinationals to people at home with a sewing machine jumped in and started producing. During this period, SupplyWise supplied over 1 million PPE units to one of Australia's largest supermarkets enabling the continuity of work for their teams.

Setting up that supply chain between Australia and Vietnam was a proud feat for the team at SupplyWise. We ensured that all Quality and compliance boxes were ticked, and landed a huge volume of goods where they were required in an incredibly short time among challenging economic and logistic conditions.

One plus side to the Pandemic has been an increase in new ventures launched as people lost jobs or industries ground to a halt. Whether you have a new venture, or are part of an existing group; talk to SupplyWise today about your Manufacturing, QC and Product supply needs.

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