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As a strategic sourcing agent SupplyWise can source the best manufacturer to supply your product, no matter what stage you’re at:

Which approach is right for you?

Ready to go
You have your own design and product specifications already fully complete and documented.
You have an idea or concept not yet fully designed in detail.
White Label
You want to rebrand an existing product or slightly modify an existing product to take to market under your brand.

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Discover more in our definitive guide to sourcing and strategic procurement in 2022.
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Free Guide to product sourcing in Australia.

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What is the supply process?

When we say ‘supply’ we’re referring to the overall procurement process that takes your product from design to a product that’s ready for sale in the marketplace, or for use in a project (eg. thousands of units of a customised light fitting for use on a government building initiative).

The supply process has many moving parts and usually includes sourcing (see below) along with the often complex logistics of export, transportation, drop shipping and delivery of goods to a 3PL as required by your project.

SupplyWise are experts in the supply process, and we can take the headaches out of your next supply project.

What is Sourcing?

When SupplyWise sources a product it means we find the right manufacturer that can produce the product that you require for your business or project. We then set up the manufacturing processes to ensure your goods are well supplied.

SupplyWise Strategic Sourcing and procurement process diagram

Step 1:

Your sourcingrequirements

  • Product specifications (or description)
  • Required volume and timeline
  • Specific factory or environmental goals
Requirements Strategic Sourcing and Procurement of Kids Toys

Getting started is exciting!

First up, SupplyWise needs to understand your product and project requirements including:

  • Product specifications (or description)
  • Required volume  and timeline
  • Specific factory, environmental or additional requirements you may have.

Getting started webform: This simple form will help you gather your preliminary information and give our team an initial understanding of your needs. 

Once you submit the form, we’ll contact you to discuss how SupplyWise can make your product supply journey simple.

Step 2:

Sourcing strategy

Getting started with sourcing strategy from SupplyWise is very wise!
Supplywise-product-sourcing-Australia-kids-homewares (14)

Your sourcing strategy advisors

According to a recent survey by Deloitte 78% of global chief procurements officers (CPOs) say that reducing costs and driving operational efficiency is a top priority. In order to focus on these areas CPOs will develop a sourcing and procurement strategy.

A sourcing and procurement strategy is a long-term plan to  supply your products from a range of possible vendors at the desired price. We assess a range of options and vendors to ensure delivery of quality goods on time, and discover who will offer the best purchasing terms. Normally, a procurement strategy will depend on a number of factors like purchase timeline, the available budget, the total cost of ownership.

After a briefing session with you we’ll determine your goals and help define a successful procurement strategy to minimise any possible risks, and more.

Step 3:

Product design or procurement

Sourcing a product or designing a product we can help!
Strategic Specifications Sourcing and Procurement Active Lifestyle

Product Design

New products require design and product specifications that are fully complete and documented. Some whitelabel products come with their own specifications which can be a great starting point and can save you time.

If you need help with the design of your product, we’ll connect you with our go-to Product Design partners hone.pd

White Label products

If you’re seeking White Label products, or would like to slightly modify an existing product, SupplyWise can identify a suitable manufacturing partner to meet your product needs and establish specifications and controls to ensure quality and consistency in production.

Step 4:

Find a product manufacturer

  • Identify potential factories
  • Vet against your project criteria
  • Establish costing & order volumes
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Manufacturer for Babys Cot

Global sourcing and verification

SupplyWise works with a wide range of manufacturers in countries across the globe. Each one has different machinery, volume capability, certifications, pricing and specialities.

To ensure we select the right manufacturer for your product, we develop specific and comprehensive criteria that manufactures must meet.

Using this criteria, we identify, vet, test and verify suitable manufacturers. We then negotiate to secure your ideal factory who’ll satisfy your criteria and will produce goods that meet – and exceed – your expectations. Criteria may include: a focus on sustainability, region of manufacture, volume capacity, price and ease of communication.

Step 5:

Set up sourcing contracts

We arrange the necessary documentation for you to feel at ease.
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Contracts Kids Toys

Your success is our success!

We help put favourable contracts in place with manufactures to ensure your success. 

SupplyWise takes great care to make sure your best interests are taken care of, because we want to promote long term, fruitful partnerships that lead to mutual growth.

Step 6:

Quality control & sourcing management

  • Set appropriate quality control
  • Support Australian product compliance
  • Monitor every order

What You Need to Know

During the set-up stages of your product project, SupplyWise establishes structured Quality Control practices with your factory.

We then systematically monitor adherence to these metrics each and every time you place an order.

SupplyWise can also guide you to ensure your product and packaging satisfy standards and mandatory requirements for Australian and overseas markets 

Step 7:

Product packaging & branding

  • Define your brand archetype
  • Create you brand language
  • Create your product experience
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Packaging and Branding

A superb product is just the beginning.

To create a truly memorable experience for your customers it’s vital that your product, brand, and packaging speak the same design language and work in harmony. 

When these three elements work together you’ll create an emotionally engaging, total experience for your customer. Think iPhone, think Tesla... and your product.

Too often we see products fail to connect with customers because product, brand and packaging have not been considered holistically.  You may see no logo, poorly designed packaging and even broken products upon arrival.

These things are important to think about if you're looking to create successful Amazon products, or via your own channels

Our partners hone.pd can provide packaging and branding solutions that will ensure a cohesive and pleasing customer experience for your buyers – and repeat business for you.

Find out more about the big three, product, branding and packaging on the hone.pd website

Free 1hr Branding Consultation

SupplyWise has a range of branding and packaging design solutions.
To find out more about how our branding and packaging solutions can fit your budget and your business goals...
Step 8:

Product delivery to Australia

From factory to final destination, we’ve got you covered.
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Delivery and Shipping

Landing and shipping goods

When it comes to landing and shipping your goods, you’ll relish the simplicity of placing an order for goods via SupplyWise, and having us take care of the paperwork. Where it's 3rd party logistics or drop shipping that you need.

From factory to final destination, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll transport your product from the manufacturer, ensure all the required paperwork is completed for import and clearance through customs – including calculation of duties, taxes and handling. All you need to do is sign for delivery!


Ready to Rock!

  • Products are delivered ready to use
  • e-business, procurement or project
  • Simplify your business or project

Now you have your quality products produced, you’re ready to go!

Whether your business is selling your product on Shopify, eBay or on your own website, we can support you with the products and logistics solutions you need. From product visualisations to supplying your goods to your 3PL providers, talk to us about your specific needs.

If your product is a non-for-sale item – like a product used in a Government building initiative or a large-scale private setting – we’ll ensure your product is supplied and delivered to your destination or 3PL ready for use.

No matter your business or your product, at SupplyWise our goal is to reduce your time investment in research and execution, to the level that you can manage.  

To find out more contact SupplyWise today.


Helping you Launch and Thrive

In business, it’s crucial to work with partners you trust, forming long-term relationships that work. We’ve helped brands like Baby Bum Shower and MaxLight develop their products and grow product sales year-on-year.

Your success is our success! So once you’ve launched your first product or range, we’re there to help you grow your business and find innovative new ways to build even greater success.

SupplyWise wants your business to thrive.

Not sure what you need? No problem! Contact us today to discuss solutions that best suit your business.