We make sourcing and supplying your ideal product easy.

If you're looking to start a product business or expand your existing range, you've come to the right place. We can source and supply the products you need.

We make it easy.

With years of experience taking products from ideation to production and sales, we know what it takes to produce and supply quality products that are better than any others in the market. A premiere sourcing agent in Australia, SupplyWise serves a variety of clients including:

Retailers & Etailers
We’re a trusted reliable partner helping retailers & e-commerce clients bring new product lines to market. We source & supply your product ideas, managing factories, stock between warehouses, and supply chain logistics.
Government Departments
We partner with Government to supply products that meet exacting standards at high volumes.
We work with large organisations who demand quality assured service and flawless products at scale. For example, the supply of several thousand units of a modified product solution for a building upgrade project.
SMEs & Startups
As experienced partners, we guide new and small businesses through the process, sourcing suppliers in China, Australia and globally to manufacture a product for the first time or expand an existing range.

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Feature Projects

Business is booming for entrepreneurial twin mums.
Baby Bum Shower
Finding a manufacturer
Halo, Dermal Hub, Face Shield

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Everyone from Australia’s largest retailers to savvy first-time entrepreneurs need the right supply partner to bring their product vision to life. 

Simply message us with a few details about your product ideas and we'll get back in touch with some ballpark product costs. We'll simply send you a brief email, in 24 hours (or the next business day). it's easy, 100% cost free and hassle free.

SupplyWise makes sourcing and supplying your ideal product, simple.

We know our stuff, from end to end and provide services to startups and established businesses seeking their next best selling product from an ideal manufacturer.

The SupplyWise team are experts in high quality product design and product engineering.

Our strategic procurement processes delivers unbeatable product lines you can build a business or project on.

No matter how big or small your business

SupplyWise can provide trusted service in:

Design and Manufacture:
With our product design partners hone.pd we can holistically develop category-leading product designs that are efficient to manufacture.
Strategic sourcing:
We work with trusted, reliable manufacturers in China, India, Australia for global sourcing tailored to your requirements.
Packaging & Branding:
We provide packaging and branding services that deliver your buyers a memorable customer experience they want to repeat.

The product sourcing challenge

Having a great idea for a product to sell is only half the story.

Without a partner who knows the ropes – procuring, producing and establishing a reliable supply chain for your product – the process can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

Our Process

SupplyWise specialises in managing all of these processes, to make your life easier. 

With SupplyWise, the complex becomes simple, from factory selection, to establishing the most beneficial contracts, through to quality control, delivery, and logistics like drop shipping, we can handle it all.

Factory Selection
We identify factories in a range of countries, verify their suitability and vet them based on their ability to reliably produce quality products to your specifications in a timeframe that works for you.
Contracts and Set-up
Communicating directly with the manufacturer, we put all necessary contracts in place to ensure reliable delivery of your product. We then oversee the set-up of manufacturing tools required to produce your product.
Manufacturing Quality
We work with the manufacturer to agree a quality control process and ensure packaging and products meet all Australian product standards.
Product Delivery Logistics
SupplyWise manages the (sometimes complex) logistics of shipping goods, customs and delivery to your selected destination.

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With SupplyWise, the complex becomes simple.

With SupplyWise,
the complex becomes simple.

SupplyWise specialises in strategically managing all your sourcing, to make your life easier.

Helping you Launch and Thrive

In business, it’s crucial to work with partners you trust, forming long-term relationships that work. We’ve helped brands like Baby Bum Shower and MaxLight develop their products and grow product sales year-on-year.

Your success is our success! So once you’ve launched your first product or range, we’re there to help you grow your business and find innovative new ways to build even greater success.

SupplyWise wants your business to thrive.

Not sure what you need? No problem! Contact us today to discuss solutions that best suit your business.