Custom machines and equipment supply.

We work with the world's leading companies to automate,

simplify or create efficiency in their operations.

We do this through considered, custom machine and equipment solutions.

Product Engineering
Tailored designs beyond off the shelf solutions, creating better fit to your requirements.
We use a range of partner factories as required. This means we have a multitude of technology & materials available.
Your Needs First
Any design is independent of, but in consultation with factories. This puts your requirements first.
We Deliver
We deliver to your destination giving you a single touch, end to end solution.

Why Choose us?

  • Proven record with leading corporations, and research organisations.

  • Machines and equipment designed and manufactured specific to your needs.

  • We manufacture in Australia and abroad depending on your project requirements.
  • What our customers say...

    “We’ve worked with hone.pd to support The World Mosquito Program scaling their operations. Delivering machines refined for improved user efficiency and manufacturability.”

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