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About Us

SupplyWise ​is a design, supply and manufacturing consultancy. We design products, machines and equipment for volume production. With our experience designing and supplying products at scale, we have a unique understanding of products, plants, equipment, manufacturing processes and a product’s life cycle.

Our Vision

We aim to positively impact our environment and population through better product manufacturing and associated waste outcomes. We achieve this through partnerships with the world's leading companies and organisations coupling their significant scale with our knowledge and experience.

Our Work

Our projects include the Australian Army, large multinationals such as Nexans Olex, and leading Australian brands like Woolworths. We have also worked on projects that positively impact the population, like the World Mosquito Program, which was scaled using custom machines and equipment supply.


As we support the daily needs of our clients and partners, we continue to invest our time and resources into cleantech. We work with clients and partners on projects that support their net zero and circular economy targets. 

The team at SupplyWise thrive on applying our skills and experience to make a positive impact at scale for business growth and our environment. Get in touch today to find out how we can work together. 


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