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SupplyWise provides services to startups and small businesses searching for their next best selling product from the huge array of global manufacturers.

We're an Australian business with exceptional product design, sourcing, supply, logistics and engineering knowledge. Our Founder & Managing Director Anthony Petterson is also the founder of our multi-award-winning, go-to Product Design partner company, hone.pd.

Anthony founded SupplyWise to provide more businesses access to a global network of quality suppliers and manufacturers – and finally make sourcing and supply, simple.

For Anthony, it’s all about creating holistic solutions that bring quality products to market to make the world better – in big or small ways. 

Leading our team, Anthony brings a deep history in product design and structural engineering to the table. Not only is he founder and long-time Engineering Designer at hone.pd, he’s worked across an impressive array of large-scale projects including Off Shore Gas Platform design and the London Bridge Underground Station redevelopment in the UK. He’s also well versed in smaller projects, taking on diverse roles including Textile Design Project Manager. 

At every stage he’s seen projects through to completion, learning the complexities of sourcing, manufacture and supply of goods at scale. Today, this gives SupplyWise the edge to help clients bring quality products to market in the simplest, most effective ways possible.

With a team of dedicated, experienced professionals at our clients’ disposal, SupplyWise is now one of Australia’s premier sourcing agents working with manufacturing companies in India, suppliers in China, Australian manufacturers, and a network of global connections to supply, source and manufacture goods that will help your business thrive.

Product Design Specialists


SupplyWise + hone.pd: The complete landed product solution.

SupplyWise will not only find the perfect manufacturer for your product, we’ll support you through the entire process.

For complex or custom designed products, we recommend our go-to Product Design partner hone.pd. 

With a proven track record of outstanding product design, hone.pd can bring your product ideas to life. From ideation all the way through to branding, packaging and product specifications ready for manufacture, hone.pd is the ideal partner to help you get your product out of your head and into the marketplace.

And, because SupplyWise partner regularly with hone.pd we’ve designed unique workflows that ensure the smoothest, most efficient project delivery. 

hone.pd Awards

With over 30 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries from heavy engineering to consumer electronics, designers amongst our team have developed products that have won the Red Dot, iF Design, and CES Innovation Awards.


Helping you Launch and Thrive

In business, it’s crucial to work with partners you trust, forming long-term relationships that work. We’ve helped brands like Baby Bum Shower and MaxLight develop their products and grow product sales year-on-year.

Your success is our success! So once you’ve launched your first product or range, we’re there to help you grow your business and find innovative new ways to build even greater success.

SupplyWise wants your business to thrive.

Not sure what you need? No problem! Contact us today to discuss solutions that best suit your business.