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Our Story

HPDI Pty Ltd launched the SupplyWise brand in 2022 with a clear vision. To positively impact our Environment & Population through better product, manufacturing & associated waste outcomes. We can achieve this by creating partnerships with the world's leading companies and organisations. Coupling their significant scale, with our knowledge and experience.

We work daily to develop products, machines & equipment. We  set up efficient manufacturing processes that scale. We draw on a breadth of knowledge from large scale Engineering of processing equipment & machines. To our Partner business hone.pd’s work in the design of consumer products for volume manufacturing. This gives us a unique view of not only products, but also plant, equipment and processes involved in manufacturing and a product’s life cycle.

The SupplyWise business and our team have done this work for large organisations including the Australian ARMY. Large multinationals such as Nexans Olex; and leading Australian brands including Woolworths.

As we support the daily needs of our Clients and Partners, we further invest our time & resources into research driving toward our vision. We work to understand the problems facing Australia’s waste industry. We grow our logistics network, and we deepen our knowledge in the circular economy. This knowledge allows us to present more sustainable manufacturing options for our Clients where suitable to their project requirements.

We use this knowledge to work with Client’s and Partners on projects which support their Net zero, and circular economy targets. Additionally, projects that have a positive impact on the population. Such as our work supporting the World Mosquito Program's scaling via custom machine & equipment supply.

The team behind SupplyWise thrive on applying our skills and experience to make a positive impact at scale; for business growth, and for our environment.


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